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Electrical Accessories are the vital part of consumer electronics

Electronic components form an integral part in the electrical and electronic systems. They are available in wide range for both the domestic and industrial electrical system. They come handy at home, shopping malls, and industries. For the proper operation of electronic equipment, these consumables should be of high quality. Household electrical system involving fan, lights often requires replacing the electrical components due to the damage caused by the voltage fluctuations or they wear out. There are huge manufacturers and suppliers of electrical accessories, as these are essential for the day to day activities of all the businesses. Electronic equipment, both analog and digital incorporates consumer electronics. One of the most potential retailing businesses is the manufacturing and supplying of electronic component.

Consumables market

Consumables electronic market is analyzed based on the manufacturing process that involves the raw material and the manufacturing cost. The growth in this market is due to the usage of consumer electronics like television, air conditioners, refrigerators, micro oven as the major house appliances. The growth can be analyzed by categorizing the consumables as plug and sockets and extension cords. Reports say that the global home electrical accessories market is going to have a remarkable growth at a compound annual growth rate of 6.74% during the period 2017-2021. The key stakeholders of these consumables are ABB, Eaton, Legrand and Schneider Electric, Mennekes, Havells India and few others. With the advancement in technology, quality and reliability and innovations are the significant factors to be considered in the electrical market. Suppliers of electrical components cater to small, medium and large applications. With the electrification of United States has created huge demand for the electrical products. With the expansion in the electronic goods and components, Distributors have become an integral of this consumable business.

Electrical accessories and standards

In order to meet the international standards, manufacturers of electrical consumables makes use of best grade raw materials and thus the products are free from defects. Some of the most commonly used consumables are plug tops and multiplugs, sockets, regulators for fan, bulb holders, power strips, clips, extension cord boards and so on. Electrical switches and semiconductor switching devices built into appliances should meet the electrical accessories standards. The manufacturing standard for plugs used with small appliances is AS/NZS 3112:2007. In the similar way, there are standards for each and every electrical accessories.

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